On 21 January 2014, the Stockholm City District Court handed down its judgment imposing a fine of SEK 2.5 million on two Swedish tire service chains Däckia AB (‘’Däckia’’) and Euromaster AB (‘’Euromaster’’) for illegal joint tendering. Both Däckia and Euromaster are owned by two of the largest tire service chains in Sweden. The companies submitted joint tenders to the Swedish National Police Board through the tire association Svenska Däckföreningen (‘’Däckföreningen’’), despite being in a position to submit individual tenders and individually compete in the said procurements. The Swedish Competition Authority (‘’SCA’’) held that it is illegal for competitors to submit joint tenders in public procurement processes if they would be able to submit independent, competing tenders. The SCA asserted that both Däckia and Euromaster would have offered lower prices if they had submitted tenders on their own. Däckia and Euromaster claimed that they had participated in the procurement process through Däckföreningen in a wholly transparent way. The Stockholm City District Court rejected Euromasters and Däckias claim but did, however, lower the fine imposed to a quarter of the amount suggested by the SCA. The judgment can be appealed up until 11 February. Source: Swedish Competition Authority Press Release 21/01/2014.