The choice to drop “Federated Department Stores” from its name has certainly not held Macy’s, Inc. back. But now, Macy’s is in court over whether it still retains the rights over some of its old names. A California based company, Strategic Marks LLC, holds the rights to some of the defunct names, many well-known during their heyday: Filene’s, Marshall Field’s, Lazarus, Hecht’s and Kaufmann’s are just a few.

Now, Strategic Marks is planning pop-up stores using some of these names, perhaps with the hope of capitalizing on customer nostalgia and the former glory of some of these brands.

A case is set for a jury trial in March 2015 to determine whether Macy’s, Inc. can keep its rights to these names and prevent Strategic Marks from using them to open new stores. If Macy’s prevails, other companies may think about how and whether to hold on to old names or defunct brands, and whether there is some value to be gained from doing so.