Latham partners discuss how to protect a company’s data, reputation and financial well-being with other data security experts.

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Companies must prepare for a world of increasingly serious cybersecurity threats, with nation-states and hacktivists launching sophisticated attacks on companies and industries that had seemed unlikely targets. Latham partners Serrin Turner and Jennifer Archie, members of Latham’s Cybersecurity & Data Privacy Practice, together with New York partner Jeffrey Tochner in the firm’s New York office Technology Transactions Practice, speak with cybersecurity experts Eric Friedberg, Executive Chairman at Stroz Friedberg, and Matt Olsen, President – Consulting at IronNet Cybersecurity, about how companies should respond to the increased threat.

Latham partner Jennifer Archie points out that companies need to take a top-down approach to implementing a culture of awareness and supporting relentless improvements in security and prevention. Latham partner Jeffrey Tochner highlights the difficulty of meeting various regulatory standards for companies that do business across the globe, especially as the EU data protection requirements will take effect in 2018.

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