The Health and Safety Executive has commissioned the preparation of revisions to the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2007 concentrating on three specific areas. The intention is to simplify the legal duties on clients and contractors and to make the pre-qualification phase more “sensible and balanced” as, at the moment, it is “not practical and proportional”. The HSE has announced its wish to present the revisions to its board within the next few months.

The review of the CDM Regulations will focus on the Approved Code of Practice, competence requirements and the CDM co-ordinator’s role.

Changes proposed to the CDM co-ordinator’s role include transferring the co-ordinating function to those already working for the client, for example, project designers and managers, rather than to a separate appointee of the client. The proposals will alter the management framework that delivers the technical standards on site but are not intended to change the standards themselves.

After the revisions to the regulations have been presented to the HSE’s board, there will be a 12-week consultation period. The HSE has stated that its intention is not to be “generating paperwork for paperwork’s sake”.

It will be interesting to see exactly what changes to the CDM Regulations the HSE proposes to make and how those who are required to implement them deal with the changes.