The FDA is sending a clear message to the cell-cultured meat industry that it is prepared to assert jurisdiction over so-called "clean meat" and is more than able to do so. "This is not our first rodeo, so to speak, in this area," said Susan Mayne, director of FDA's Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition, said during a July 12 public meeting convened by the agency. FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb added, "Past experience with novel technologies and our extensive background in cell culture technology in the medical product space will help inform our approach to evaluate the safety of these cell-based food products." At the meeting, members of the traditional meat industry contended that the USDA, which has long overseen livestock producers and similar industries, should have jurisdiction over the new forms of meat — reflecting an ongoing turf battle between the USDA and the FDA over the new meat products. Some consumer groups expressed skepticism at the meeting about whether the federal government is prepared at all to handle the new meat technology.