Does your legal department operate in the most strategic way possible?

That is the question fueling the impressive rise of the legal operations function in legal departments around the world.

Legal Operations (or “Legal Ops”) is a multi-disciplinary function that optimises the delivery of legal services. The goal of Legal Ops is to eliminate the barriers that prevent in-house lawyers from getting things done, thanks to technology or new processes, while keeping a keen eye on costs.

While many legal departments have hired Legal Operations executives to initiate this change, for Legal Counsel working in small to mid-sized legal departments, or even alone, that may not be an option. 

In such cases, Legal Counsel will need to assess the legal operations side of their job and select the right technology to “do more with less”.

Adopting Legal Operations in Small to Mid-sized Legal Departments

Just because your legal departments cannot hire dedicated Legal Operations function does not mean you cannot benefit from the legal operations movement.

With the right technology, even small legal departments can change and innovate, to shift from “Legal as a cost center” to the new expectation of “Legal as a value driver”.

Technology can support GCs in the biggest challenges they faces on a daily basis:

  • Driving efficiency: To “do more with less” – to streamline work and improve productivity.
  • Creating value: To leverage the right resources for the right work at the right price. Creating value is all about being an efficient project manager with a clear impact on the bottom line.
  • Generating insights: To access business intelligence that will inform data-driven decisions to inform strategies to protect and grow the business.  With insights, the GC can elevate the position of Legal and rise to the expectations of the CEO and the Board.

Even small legal departments can maximise their legal operations and provide more value, when supported by the right technology. However, with so many solutions on the market today, selecting the right solution can be an onerous job.

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