The Ministry of Development has expressed a desire to continue the nuclear power plant project and to accelerate the implementation of the frequently delayed Polish Nuclear Power Programme. According to the recently published Strategy of responsible development, the aim is to build two nuclear power plants with a total installed power generation capacity of 6000 MW.

The government also intends to increase technological development in the area of nuclear power. The Ministry of Energy has appointed a team to work on a high temperature reactor (HTR) suited for nuclear cogeneration. Apart from that, the Ministry of Development plans to create a high-profile laboratory conducting research on Generation IV nuclear reactors.

However, the aims of the Ministry of Development are not entirely in line with government plans towards the coal industry. In general, the government is unwilling to reduce coal consumption and insists that mines will not be shut down. Moreover, the Ministry of Energy claims that, while the nuclear power plant project should be continued, it is not economically viable to build nuclear power units with installed power generation capacity of 6000 MW in the next 20 years. According to the Ministry of Energy the energy security of Poland depends on modern, highly-effective coal-fired units which should be the primary subject of investment.