Beginning Sept. 1, 2008, Texas residential construction projects in unincorporated areas and areas not subject to municipal inspections must undergo no less than three inspections at the following stages of construction: (1) foundation, prior to placement of concrete; (2) framing and mechanical systems prior to being covered with sheetrock; and (3) final inspection.

Individual builders will be responsible for hiring a fee inspector and scheduling the inspections at the appropriate construction milestones. The inspector must be a licensed engineer, a registered architect, a Texas Residential Construction Commission (“TRCC”) inspector; or a third-party inspector qualified by the TRCC. The builder, however, does not have to use the same inspector for each inspection. For example, a builder can have an engineer inspect the foundation and framing, but hire a TRCC inspector for the final. It will be the chosen inspector’s job to ensure compliance with applicable building and mechanical codes as well as TRCC performance guidelines. The inspector must also report inspection results to the TRCC, which is in the process of setting up an Internet-based reporting system.