In the past month, China's Ministry of Environmental Protection has released two directories of substances requiring additional certifications and permitting for import and export. The directories address 154 chemicals and 16 ozone depleting substances. The Chemicals Directory for which Import and Export are Strictly Controlled updates a previous list to include nine more chemicals than the previous directory of 2008. The additional chemicals are Tributyltin-oxide, Tributyltin fluoride, Chlorotributylstannane Tributyltin chloride, Tri-n-butyltinmethacrylate, Tributyltin benzoate, Tributyltin linoleate and Tributyltin naphthenate. Companies importing or exporting any chemicals on the list must apply to the ministry for an environmental management certificate.

The Directory on Ozone Depleting Substances for which Import and Export are Strictly Controlled, released on January 6, 2010, requires companies seeking to import or export a listed substance to apply for the approval from the National Administration on Import/Export of Ozone Depleting Substances, and then apply for an import/export permit from licensing organizations authorized by the Ministry of Commerce and then present the permit to clear customs.