Technology Properties Limited LLC ("TPL") filed a Complaint concerning Certain Digital Photo Frames and Image Display Devices and Components Thereof, which asserts four patents (U.S. Patent Nos. 6,976,623, 7,162,549, 7,295,443, and 7,522,424).  TPL alleges a violation of Section 337 by proposed Respondents Action Electronics Co., Ltd., Taiwan; Aiptek International Inc., Taiwan; Aluratek Inc., Tustin, California; Audiovox Corporation, Happauge, New York; CEIVA Logic, Burbank, California; Circus World Displays Ltd., Canada; Coby Electronics Corporation, Lake Success, New York; Curtis International Ltd., Canada; Digital Spectrum Solutions Inc., Irvine, California; Eastman Kodak Company, Rochester, New York; Mustek Systems, Inc., Taiwan; Nextar Inc., La Verne, California; Pandigital, Dublin, California; Royal Consumer Information Products Inc., Somerset, New Jersey; Sony Corporation, Japan; Transcend Information Inc., Taiwan; ViewSonic Corporation, Walnut, California; Win Accord Ltd., Taiwan; and WinAccord USA Inc., San Jose, California.