The Senate approved a package of bills that revise portions of the state’s juvenile justice system. The bills stem from the Luzerne Count ‘cash-for-kids’ scheme.

Among other changes, the bills eliminate the practice of waiving counsel in juvenile delinquency hearings. They also create a victim advocate devoted to juvenile justice, require judges to state on the record the reasons behind disposition orders, and prohibit shackling of juveniles in the courtroom.

Recount Confirms Winner in Democratic Commonwealth Court Primary Election

The Secretary of the Commonwealth Carol Aichele announced results of a mandatory recount in the Democratic primary election for Judge of the Commonwealth Court.

The recount confirms unofficial returns from all 67 counties showing Kathryn Boockvar as the winner, according to a statement from the Secretary.

The recount was required because the margin between the two candidates, from unofficial returns filed May 26, was less than one-half of one percent; the threshold at which state law triggers a mandatory recount.

Returns reported to the Department of State from all 67 counties show the following results:

Kathryn Boockvar - 311,732 (50.165 percent)

Barbara Ernsberger - 309,680 (49.835 percent)

Total Number of Votes Cast: 621,412

Difference: 2,052 (.330 percent)

The cost of the recount will be paid by the commonwealth, as required by state law for mandatory recounts. The Department of State reimburses counties for costs associated with the recount. The last statewide recount, in 2009, cost approximately $542,000.