Members of the Southeast Ohio Public Energy Council (SOPEC) may soon see savings on their electricity bills, as SOPEC has finalized deals with AEP Energy and Empower Gas & Electricity to move forward with their electric aggregation and energy efficiency plans (for more on this, see our November 20, 2014 blog post), The Athens News reports. While most municipal aggregation plans focus on lowering utility rates through the increased purchasing power of a larger group of customers, SOPEC’s plan is unique in its “aggressive plan to implement energy-efficiency measures with the development of local renewable energy projects,” according to the article. Trish Demeter, managing director of Energy and Clean Air Programs for the Ohio Environmental Council, said the plan was “unlike any other that I’ve seen in the country. They have put together a bold, comprehensive and ambitious plan to lower electricity prices, increase the use of renewable energy, and stimulate local economic development.” For more, read the full article