On November 22, 2010, Wisconsin CALLS CLECs, a competitive local exchange carrier advocacy group, urged the Wisconsin Public Service Commission to defer any order in its docket examining LEC intrastate access charges until the FCC acts to reform intercarrier compensation as it promised in the National Broadband Plan. The Wisconsin Commission established this docket on its own motion last September to investigate LEC rate structures and to seek industry comment on means to prevent “unreasonable and unjust” access rates. CALLS argued that only the “FCC can address all areas of intercarrier compensation and thereby achieve a balanced result. For instance, if the FCC were to lower CLEC intrastate access rates, it could balance that decision by reducing exorbitant ILEC charges for special access.” CALLS therefore recommended that the Wisconsin Commission delay any further action on intrastate reform until “at least six months from when final comments are due in the intercarrier compensation NPRM.” Docket 5-TR-105.