On 1st October 2018 there are new Government rules coming into force regarding houses that are let out on a multiple occupancy basis. A House of Multiple Occupancy is classed as a property that is rented out to at least 3 individuals who are not members of the same family who share toilet, bathroom and kitchen facilities. If the property is three storeys high, occupied by at least 5 Tenants and the above facilities are shared, then the Landlord will need to obtain a Licence from the Local Council to be able to rent the property out.

The news rules will remove the requirement for the property to be three storeys high before a Licence is needed from the Council. Therefore, Landlords will require a Licence as long as there are 5 Tenants from more than two or more families that share communal areas, whatever the number of storeys to the property. This rule will only apply to houses as opposed to flats. This change would result in an increase in the amount of properties which will require a Licence from the Council.

Under the new regulations, Landlords will have to ensure that any waste storage and disposal scheme imposed by the Council, such as kerbside recycling is complied with.

Another rule that the Government are introducing is minimum sizes for rooms to be let out. Any rent less than 4.64 square meters needs to be reported to the Council and can not be used for sleeping accommodation. A child under the age of 10 must have a room with at least 4.64 square meters. If a single person over 10 years old is renting a room, it must be at least 6.51 square meters and for a couple (who are over 10 years old) who are sharing, the room it must be at least 10.22 meters. This rule could have an impact on Landlords who are already letting out rooms that are smaller than this. The penalty for not complying with these new rules is a fine; with no limit as to how much.