Lockheed Martin Systems Integration – Owego; Sikorski Aircraft Company, Comp. Gen. Dec. B-299145.5 et al., Aug. 30, 2007.

The GAO concluded that the Air Force improperly precluded offerors from generally revising their proposals after the agency amended the solicitation to eliminate consideration of the unique aspects of proposed aircraft (including Fried Frank Government Contracts Alert 3 maintenance requirements) in calculating the offerors’ operations and support costs. The GAO stated that where, as here, an agency amends a solicitation and permits offerors to revise their proposals in response, offerors should be permitted to revise any aspect of their proposals, including those that were not the subject of the amendment, unless the agency offers evidence that the amendment could not reasonably have any affect on other aspects of proposals, or that allowing such revisions would have a detrimental impact on the competitive process. The Air Force made no such showing during the protest. (In February 2007, the GAO sustained an earlier protest in this procurement because the Air Force’s cost evaluation normalized the offerors’ operations and support costs, even though the offerors proposed very different aircraft. Sikorsky Aircraft Company; Lockheed Martin Systems Integration – Owego, Comp. Gen. Dec. B-299145 et al., Feb. 26, 2007.)