From 13 December 2014, labelling and packaging must meet the requirements of a new EU Regulation. The purpose of the new EU-wide Regulation on food labelling is to provide consumers with sufficient information on food products and to facilitate free movement of food products.

The following new food labelling requirements have been set, among others:

  1. first, a convenient list of mandatory particulars has been set out;
  2. stricter legibility criteria for food labelling (minimum font size for mandatory information, significant contrast between print and background);
  3. mandatory indication of the country or place of origin for fresh pork, lamb, beef and poultry;
  4. mandatory indications about added water in meat and fishery products if added water exceeds 5% of the finished product;
  5. stricter requirements for labelling frozen products;
  6. identical labelling requirements for distance selling.

The Regulation applies to food businesses throughout the entire food chain if their operations are related to informing consumers about food products. It applies to all food products intended for end-users, including food products supplied by catering institutions and meant for delivery to catering institutions.