On July 8, FCC Chairman Ajit Pai proposed rules supported by a bipartisan group of more than 40 state attorneys general that would extend prohibitions against robocalls to caller ID spoofing of text messages and international calls, implementing measures passed last year in the RAY BAUM’s Act. Previously, anti-spoofing prohibitions applied only to domestic robocalls. According to Pai, “Scammers often robocall us from overseas, and when they do, they typically spoof their numbers to try and trick consumers. . . . With these new rules, we’ll close the loopholes that hamstring law enforcement when they try to pursue international scammers and scammers using text messaging.” The FCC will vote on the proposed rules at its August 1 meeting.

As previously covered by InfoBytes, the FCC authorized voice service providers last month to automatically identify and block unwanted robocalls “based on reasonable call analytics, as long as their customers are informed and have the opportunity to opt out of the blocking.”