The U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) has made public a database containing permanent labor certifications (PERMs) filed by employers to assert that they have been unable to find minimally qualified U.S. workers to fill positions for which they are sponsoring qualified foreign workers. In the past, DOL has published more generic data about filings, but is now publishing the actual applications with all the questions and answers. DOL redacts the name, specific contact information, and identifying numbers of the sponsored workers, but it publishes their country of birth and citizenship, current residence city, current immigration status, specific educational information (including exact degree, school and field). Viewers can search the filings by case number, case type, state, job location, employer name, posting range or industry code according to specified date ranges. Employers using the PERM process must expect that this data will be scoured by other workers, union leaders, news organizations and political players and should consider the implications.

The database can be accessed, with various search methods, at: