According to the "Report on EU customs enforcement of intellectual property rights – Results at the EU border 2013", customs authorities in 2013 opened approximately 87,000 detention cases in respect of 36 million articles, accounting for a domestic retail value of more than 760 million. This represents a slight decline from the previous year, during which there were approximately 90,000 detention cases. 

It is interesting to note that: 

  • 66% of the products originated from China, comprising mobile phones, memory cards, ink cartridges and electrical household appliances.
  • The most prevalent product category remains clothing (accounting for 12% of all detained articles) with medicines (10%), cigarettes (9%), and toys (8%) all high on the list.
  • Only 2.9% of the products were released because they were in fact original goods.

The report also says that an increase in e-commerce has resulted in a greater number of
small consignments entering the market through postal and courier traffic (concerning sport shoes, personal accessories like bags and wallets, clothing, sunglasses and watches); such cases now account for 72% of all detentions, up from 40% in 2009. 

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