On 11 July 2008, cinema group UGC submitted a complaint accompanied by a request for interim measures seeking the suspension of the construction by its competitor Kinepolis of a new cinema complex on the Médiacité site in Liège. According to UGC, Kinepolis had abused its dominant position by acquiring the contract with the developers of this site and thus squeezing UGC out of the local market. In November of that same year, the Prosecutor rejected the request for interim measures, considering it had not been established that UGC had a direct and immediate interest. However, this rejection was overturned on appeal by the President of the Competition Council, who referred the case back to the Prosecutor for further investigation (for a summary of the reversal decision by the President of the Competition Council see Belgian Competition and Regulatory Report 2009/Q2). In July 2009, the Prosecutor presented a new reasoned report to the Council in which he proposed to declare the request for interim measures admissible but unfounded. The Council has now held that since the contract between Kinepolis and the developer no longer exists, there is no urgent need to avert a situation that could cause serious, imminent and irreparable harm to the claimant UGC or the general economic interest. The request for interim measures was therefore rejected.