The CAMEX Resolution # 43/2013, published in the Federal Gazette of 6/20/2013, concluded the anti-dumping investigation on Brazilian imports of polycarbonate resin, in powder, flake, granulated or pellet form, with flow index of 1 to 59.9 g/10 min., normally classified under item 3907.40.90 of the Mercosur Common Nomenclature, from the Kingdom of Thailand. It also imposed definitive anti-dumping duty, for up to five (5) years, to be paid as a specific rate in US dollars per ton, in the amounts specified below:
Definitive Anti-dumping Duty (US$/t)
Kingdom of Thailand
Bayer Thai Co. Ltd.
Other companies
The following polycarbonate resins will not be subject to such anti-dumping duty: i) polycarbonate resins intended for the manufacturing of optical media, such as CD and DVD, including those with flow index lower than 60 g/10 min.; ii) polycarbonate resin blends with other thermoplastics; iii) polycarbonate resins produced with copolymers; iv) polycarbonate resins of branched structure; v) polycarbonate resins intended for the manufacturing of ophthalmic lenses for corrective glasses; vi) polycarbonate resins reinforced with carbon fiber or glass microspheres; vii) polycarbonate resins of high thermal resistance, with Vicat temperature above 160º C, according to the ISO 306 standard; viii) polycarbonate resins with UL 94 certification rating V-0 in test specimen with thickness lower than 3.2 mm.
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