OFT has published the July 2011 edition of its consumer credit group newsletter. Among other things the newsletter contains articles on:

  • Credit brokerage guidance. OFT has issued new credit brokerage guidance for consultation.
  • Debt management guidance. OFT has published a consultation on revised guidance for the debt management industry published for consultation.
  • Mental capacity guidance. OFT anticipates the final version of the guidance to be published around the beginning of September 2011.
  • Debt collection guidance. This is currently subject to consultation. OFT aims to publish revised guidance in autumn 2011.
  • Unfair relationships guidance. The updated version is due to be published in summer 2011.
  • Protection under section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974 (CCA). According to an article published by Which?, "online purchases made through PayPal can be subject to section 75 protection if something goes wrong". OFT is not aware of this specific point having been tested in court yet. It asks anyone who is aware of any relevant court judgments to let it know.

(Source: Consumer Credit Group (CCG) Newsletter July 2011)