On 28 March 2011 the Social Security Department issued guidance for Insolvency Practitioners on the Temporary Insolvency Scheme. The Temporary Insolvency Scheme was set up in 2009, in the wake of well-publicised insolvencies such as that of Woolworths Plc.  

The guidance states:

"It is intended that this guidance note will assist the parties to understand what is expected in terms of best practice, including the giving of notice where that is possible, as well as the exchange and sharing of relevant information, so that eligible employees will not have to wait unduly to receive compensation.

The temporary insolvency scheme is designed to operate until the planned statutory insolvency benefit is in place. It is expected that some aspects of this guidance will be formalised in subordinate legislation under the Social Security (Jersey) Law, 1974."

Copies of the guidance can be obtained from Kate Morel, Policy Principal at the Social Security Department: K.Morel@gov.je Any feedback on the guidance should be sent to Kate Morel.