The National Hydrocarbons Commission (“CNH”) has published the bidding guidelines (the “Bidding Guidelines”) for the first international public tender under the “Round One” process for the award of a production sharing contract (the “Contract”) for 14 individual exploration blocks in Mexican shallow waters.

The Bidding Guidelines include the evaluation criteria for all bidders with respect to (i) technical and operational experience and capacity and (ii) creditworthiness. The Bidding Guidelines also establish the calendar for the tender and describe each stage thereof.

The Bidding Guidelines also include the rules permitting access to data rooms, the registration process, the prequalification requirements, the events for cancelation of the tender and list the persons that are precluded from participating in the tender.

It is worth noting that one contract will be awarded per tendered block. Only duly registered participants will be entitled to receive subsequent, updated information with respect to the tender and access the data rooms. Only prequalified bidders will be entitled to submit a proposal, either individually or through a consortium.

The minimum acceptable values for the award variables included in a bidder’s economic proposal will be determined by the Mexican Ministry of Finance no later than June 15, 2015, the date on which the CNH publishes the final version of the Bidding Guidelines. The winner will be the party offering the highest weighted average value.

Finally, the Bidding Guidelines include the Contract model, which in principle provides for international standard terms and conditions.