List of reimbursed medicinal products

Order no. º 6251/2013. D. R. n. º 92, Series II 05/14/2013

Ministry of Health - Office of the Secretary of State for Health

Sub delegates powers on the Board of INFARMED - National Authority of Medicines and Health Products, IP, regarding the inclusion or exclusion of generic lists of reimbursed medicinal products.

Medical Devices

Information Circular no. º 153/CD/8.1.6 of 2013-06-28

INFARMED - National Authority of Medicines and Health Products I. P.

Informs that is available to computer application designed for the submission of the notification by the NHS services and facilities, of the value of all purchases of medical devices under Order 5456-B/2013 of April 23, which states that NHS services may only acquire medical devices therein, following procedures competitive or non-competitive procurement, provided by lower unit prices by at least 15% on the unit prices charged in 2012 for the device