The Clean Water Act, 2006 (formerly Bill 43) received Royal Assent on October 19, 2006 and is anticipated to be proclamed sometime this summer. A focal point of the legislation is the implementation of a drinking water source protection framework as set out by the Act. As such, the government is currently developing regulations under the Act to support the development and implementation of source protection plans across the province. The proposed draft regulations were posted to the Environmental Registry on April 12, 2007 for a 30-day public review which ended on May 12, 2007. The draft regulations included

  • proposed source protection areas and regions;
  • the establishment and operation of source protection committees;
  • requirements with respect to the development of terms of reference by source protection committees;
  • proposed time limits for submission of the terms of reference, assessment report and source protection plans; and
  • miscellaneous regulations which address planned drinking water systems, amendments to agreements relating to source protection regions, imminent drinking water hazard notifications, additional Great Lakes agreements as well as exemptions for certain municipal drinking-water systems, wells or surface water intakes from consideration in an assessment report

All five draft regulations can be found on the EBR Registry (No.010-0122) by clicking here.