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The CEO of San Antonio Water System (SAWS), Robert Puente, joins The Water Values Podcast to discuss the numerous successes of its water system through water supply limitations and droughts. He also discusses how SAWS works to conserve water through these drought periods, different infrastructure projects, resources, and the creative opportunities SAWS pursues to help its stay ahead of the game in the water industry. Tune in for this innovative and inspiring session with Robert!

In this session, you’ll learn about:

  • The impact on the water supply as the population in Texas continues to grow
  • The water conservation efforts being utilized in San Antonio
  • How they’re using the Edwards Aquifer during the drought
  • The innovative infrastructure methods they used in businesses and schools to help conserve water
  • The inland desalination plant that they are building so that they can use other sources of water, like brackish water
  • What the workforce looks like for their new inland desalination plant
  • How San Antonio Water System is going to handle the brine stream that will come out of their new desalination plant
  • What the aquifer storage and recovery system is
  • How the aquifer storage and recovery (ASR) system benefits SAWS
  • The storage capacity of the ASR
  • The SAWS recycled water system
  • How companies like Toyota and Microsoft are using recycled water for their businesses
  • What the SAWS in-pipe electricity partnership is and how it works
  • The solar and hydro aspects of SAWS and how they’re making use of those power sources
  • The SAWS Vista Ridge Project

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