A broker sought to vacate his FINRA compensatory damages award against a broker/dealer because the award did not include his attorney’s fees. The broker believed he was entitled to those fees as the “prevailing party” within the meaning of his contract with the broker/dealer. The broker argued that the panel exceeded its authority and manifestly disregarded the law by ignoring the contract and failing to award fees. The court, however, found that the panel did not exceed its authority because the panel’s authority was to award fees to the prevailing party, the panel had “interpreted that authority to include authority to award no fees,” and the panel was “arguably construing the contract before it and acting within its scope.” The court further found that the panel did not manifestly disregard the law because the panel never declared the broker to be the “prevailing party,” and the panel “was well within the limits of California law in deciding that despite recovering some damages, [the broker] was not a prevailing party, and was thus not entitled to attorney’s fees as a matter of right.” Lehner v. LPL Financial, LLC, Case No. 1:15-cv-01178 (USDC N.D. Ohio Aug. 7, 2015).