The Department for Business, Innovation & Skills ("BIS") called for evidence on non-compete clauses. One of BIS' general objectives is to ensure that the UK has a competitive, flexible and effective labour market to encourage business success and growth. It therefore wants to explore whether such clauses "stifle entrepreneurship and innovations". The areas that the government is looking at include: (i) the prevalence of non-compete clauses in the UK; (ii) whether businesses use non-compete clauses; (iii) whether the clauses have prevented workers from moving from one job to another or starting their own business; (iv) whether the clauses are transparent; and (v) whether legislation to restrict the use of non-compete clauses would affect business or have unintended consequences.

The call for evidence closed on the 19th of July 2016. Given the current political changes in the UK it is difficult to be certain about when the Government will release any statement and/or proposals, but we will keep a watchful eye on any developments.