We would like to think that all of our clients appreciate the need to keep their Wills up-to-date in order to ensure that they properly reflect changes that may occur during their lives. However it is equally important to keep other aspects of your affairs up-to-date if your circumstances change.

For instance, while it may seem obvious that individuals should update who is nominated to receive their pension death benefit, it is surprising how often cases arise where matters have not been updated following events such as separation, divorce or re- marriage.

In such circumstances the fact that nominations have not been updated can lead to payments being made to former spouses or partners. This will often be a result that the deceased individual would have wished to avoid and may lead to a great deal of uncertainty for surviving family members.

We would therefore advise all clients to regularly review all aspects of their affairs to be sure that they properly reflect their present circumstances – while this may involve a small amount of effort it is likely to be time well spent.