Horizons 2 Satellite LLC, a partnership pairing global satellite service leader Intelsat with JSAT Corporation of Japan, celebrated the successful deployment of the venture’s Horizons-2 satellite via an Ariane 5 rocket launched from the European space launch complex in French Guiana last Friday. Built by Orbital Sciences Corporation, Horizons-2 will distribute video and IP-based content for customers throughout the continental U.S., the Caribbean, and portions of Canada. Positioned at 74° West Longitude, the spacecraft carries a payload of 20 Ku-band transponders that are expected to meet the burgeoning demand for commercial Ku-band satellite communications in the U.S. Company sources say that the satellite’s East Coast “boomerang” beam will also provide support for ship-to-shore communications, cargo tracking and Department of Homeland Security operations off of the U.S. eastern seaboard. Contingent upon the completion of initial tests, Horizons-2 is slated to enter into service during the first quarter of 2008. As JSAT CEO Kiyoshi Isozaki stated that the venture’s goal “is to provide customers with the best combined satellite distribution solutions available to satisfy the growing demand for media and network content distribution services in the competitive North American region,” Intelsat CEO David McGlade praised the launch as “a testament to Intelsat’s drive for creative partnerships that fuel business growth and industry innovation.”