Royal Assent given April 2010. Most provisions have effect from 1 October 2010

Prohibition of age discrimination in provision of goods and services expected in force 2012 for financial and other services (except health and social care)  

The Equality and Human Rights Commission issued guidance on the Act in July 2010  

The Equality Act 2010 (Sex Equality Rule) (Exceptions) Regulations 2010/2133, the Equality Act (Age Exceptions for Pension Schemes) Order 2010/2133 and the Equality Act (Age Exceptions for Pension Schemes) (Amendment) Order 2010/2285, in force on 1 October 2010

  • Occupational pension schemes will be taken to include a non-discrimination rule, covering age, disability, religion/belief, sex and sexual orientation, gender reassignment, marriage/civil partnerships.
  • The Age Regulations will be repealed, apart from sch 6 (duty to consider working beyond retirement age). The main existing exceptions are repeated in the Act (eg compulsory retirement; length of service; redundancy schemes; life assurance for ill health retirees; insurance contracts) and one new exception added (provisions of childcare for children of a particular age group). Exceptions from the age discrimination requirements are included in new regulations.