In the fourth industrial revolution, technology convergence – integrating technologies in new ways to enable new capabilities – is at the core of innovation strategies in many industries.

Technology convergence is enabling many exciting new market opportunities while also creating new competitive dynamics. As new players extend their technology to new industries, established companies are faced with new challenges for protecting and advancing their IP rights.

While patent data is widely used to evaluate technology trends, it is also useful for generating competitive intelligence. This paper explores how analyzing global patent reassignment and litigation data reveals valuable insights for assessing business risk due to technology convergence.

These insights can help in spotting new and emerging competitors, evaluating their patent strategies and assessing the potential risk they pose

In this report, our experts have evaluated how patent transactions and litigation activity is evolving in an industry experiencing a high degree of technology convergence: the medical devices one.

While the paper focuses on the medical device industry, this analysis, performed using correlated IP data from Clarivate™, has relevance for any industry where technology convergence is shifting the competitive playing field.

Download the report to:

  • Compare the relationships between patent transactions and patent litigation in both core and converging medical device technology
  • Find out how patent reassignments, patent litigation actions and outcomes vary between corporations and non-practicing entities
  • Understand how to adapt this methodology to your industry to evaluate trends and uncover new competitive insights

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