In June 2009, Senators Bayh (D-IN) and Martinez (R-FL ), along with co-sponsors Nelson (D-FL) and Crapo (R-ID ), introduced the Nonadmitted and Reinsurance Reform Act of 2009 (NRRA) in the Senate. The NRRA would streamline and reduce barriers in state regulation of surplus lines insurance and reinsurance by creating a uniform regulatory system, while preserving the role of the state regulator. Senate Banking Committee Chairman Dodd (D-CT) has stated his intent to include the NRRA in the financial services/insurance regulatory reform legislation the Committee will work on later this year. In May 2009, Representatives Moore (D-KS) and Garrett (R-NJ) introduced the NRRA in the House, which passed similar versions of the bill in the last two Congresses. The House is expected to pass the NRRA under suspension in July.