On July 17, 2017, The General Office of the Ministry of Environmental Protection ("MEP") issued the Administrative Measures for Pollutant Discharge Licensing (Draft for Comment) (the "Draft for Comment") for public comments before August 19, 2017.

The Draft for Comment applies to the application for, issuance and implementation of the pollutant discharge permit, as well as other practices, such as regulation and punishment, in respect of pollutant discharge licensing. Six types of enterprises, public institutions and other producers and operators as specified by laws and regulations, including "enterprises and public institutions that discharge industrial waste gases or poisonous and harmful air pollutants as listed by the State", will be subject to pollutant discharge licensing administration. Additionally, the Draft for Comment clearly states that pollutant discharge entities should comply with seven requirements, such as "discharging pollutants in accordance with the licensed items, such as the emission concentration and emission load, as indicated on the pollutant discharge permit". Furthermore, the Draft for Comment stresses that a pollutant discharge entity which discharges pollutants without a legally acquired pollutant discharge permit will be punished by competent authorities of environmental protection under the governments at or above the county level pursuant to applicable laws, regulations or rules. For an entity that has received a penalty but refuses to make rectification, though it is ordered to do so, further penalties may be imposed incessantly on a daily basis.

环保部对排污许可管理办法征求意见 2017年07月17日,环保部办公厅发布《排污 许可管理办法(征求意见稿)》(下称《征 求意见稿》),面向社会公开征求意见,意 见反馈截止于8月19日。

《征求意见稿》适用于排污许可证的申请、 核发、执行以及与排污许可相关的监管和处 罚等行为。法律法规等规定的企事业单位和 其他生产经营者实行排污许可管理,具体 包括“排放工业废气或排放国家规定的有毒 有害大气污染物的企事业单位”等六部分。 《征求意见稿》明确,排污单位应遵守“按排 污许可证规定的排放浓度、排放量等许可事 项进行排污”等七项要求。《征求意见稿》还 强调,排污单位未依法取得排污许可证排 放污染物的,由县级以上政府环保主管部 门按相关法律法规规章给予处罚。对于已受 到罚款处罚,被责令改正拒不改正的,可 实施按日连续处罚。