A new study was released this month from Policy Matters Ohio titled Sheriff Sales in 2008. The report, which was a follow up to an earlier report on foreclosures published in April of 2008, was based on data collected from 75 of the 88 county Sheriff departments.

The 75 counties responding reported that 68,974 properties were put up for sale last year. In the 72 counties that provided data for each of the last two years, the number of properties put up for sale increased 18.4 percent from a year earlier, to 68,260. That reflected a jump of 50.6 percent from 2005. Sandusky and Cuyahoga counties reported by far the greatest increase in sheriff sales over the past two years of any reporting Ohio counties.

The survey also included questions about the contributing factors to foreclosure filings in their counties. Of the responses received, sheriff departments reported predatory lending, job loss, a weak economy, and divorce were the key factors contributing to foreclosures.

Ohio Policy Matters Ohio's Sheriff Sales 2008 Report

Ohio Policy Matters Ohio's Foreclosure Growth in Ohio 2008 Report