On Friday 9 June 2017 the new Implementing Regulations of the Saudi Arbitration Law were published in the Official Gazette, meaning they are currently in force (read our recent update on the new Regulations).

We would like to further clarify the process of challenging the arbitration award since it was vague prior the publication of the regulations.

Challenges to arbitral awards rendered in arbitrations seated in Saudi Arabia are now submitted to the Appeal Court. If the Appeal Court recognises the award, it will order its enforcement and its decision will be final and unappealable.

If, however, the court decides to nullify the award, its decision can be appealed within thirty days following the date of notification of the decision. An appeal against the Appeal Court’s decision to nullify an award must now be submitted directly to the Supreme Court, as the Implementing Regulations make clear that the Supreme Court is the competent court referred to in Article 55(3) of the Arbitration Law.