House Bill 138, effective September 11, 2008, changes the procedures related to judicial sales of property to, among other things, ensure that deeds in foreclosure proceedings are promptly recorded so that the property owners may be found. The Bill further authorizes certain political subdivisions to purchase tax delinquent vacant land or abandoned or nonproductive lands if the taxes and charges exceed the county auditor's market value, without appraisal or foreclosure sale. Further, properties that under current law are forfeited to the State after failure to find a purchaser in foreclosure could be transferred to a political subdivision at the option of that political subdivision.

House Bill 554 (Ohio Economic Stimulus Bill), most provisions of which were effective June 12, 2008, provides increased and/or accelerated State funding for local government infrastructure and broadband initiatives, coal research and development, advanced energy, and logistics and distribution projects; establishes the Bioproducts Development Program and Biomedical Development Program, both to be administered by the Third Frontier Commission; and extends the historic building rehabilitation tax credit for two additional years, providing limits on the amount of those credits.