ICANN approved a .XXX top-level domain that is reserved for the adult entertainment industry and delegated ICM Registry to manage the .XXX top-level domain.  Sunrise B is the time when trademark owners and other IP holders not involved in the adult entertainment industry can apply to not be associated with the  .XXX top-level domain. This period will run for 52 days starting September 7, 2011 and end October 28, 2011. At the close of the Sunrise Period, if no conflicting application by a Sunrise A (aimed at applicants from within the adult Sponsored Community) applicant has been made, these names will be reserved from registration (blocked).

Domains that are placed on the blocked list will automatically resolve to a landing page informing visitors that the name was blocked from registration. The name will be blocked from registration for at least the 10 years that ICM is contracted to run .XXX.  Stuart Lawley, CEO of ICM Registry said, “We believe the Sunrise period offers businesses a comprehensive rights protection mechanism where they can protect their brands and trademarks. We are advising businesses to either opt-in or opt-out and want to give them the best opportunity to do so at the launch of our new TLD. Given the high level of interest in the domain, we see that many businesses wish to be proactive in avoiding any brand conflicts.”