Many of you will by now have received notifications from the Home Office concerning the expiry of your Tier 2 certificates of sponsorship (CoS) on 5 April 2015. You have a three month window within which to submit your request for your annual certificate allocation for the period 6 April 2015 – 5 April 2016 and these requests can be submitted now. These notifications are sent annually to the Authorising Officer and it will be important to look out for these emails which are sent from Sometimes these emails go into the spam or junk folder and so this should be checked. The Home Office are advising Sponsors to submit their request sooner rather than later, to ensure you are allocated your new CoS allowance by 6 April, when your existing CoS will have expired.

We wanted to also draw your attention to a change in process this year, which will affect some Sponsors.  The Home Office is automatically allocating a fresh batch of CoS for some Sponsors with established businesses and/or who have had a Home Office audit. It will therefore be necessary to check your Sponsor Management System to find out whether or not you have been allocated your CoS automatically. If this is the case you will not need to take any further action.