The Revenue Commissioners have issued Regulations (SI 245 of 2013), Guidance Notes and File Spec for S891(c) reporting. This new reporting regime requires Irish funds to submit an annual electronic return giving the value of each Irish tax resident investor’s holding in the Irish fund to the Revenue Commissioners (Revenue). The first return should be filed by 30 September 2013 in respect of the value of units held by an Irish tax resident investor in a fund as at 31 December 2012 and thereafter by 31 March in respect of the previous calendar year. Tax reference numbers should be included in the return for Irish tax resident investors making new investments after 1 January 2014. Where there are no investors for which a report has to be made (such as where the fund has non-resident declarations for all investors), then there is no requirement to make a return for that year. However, funds are requested to email Revenue to notify them accordingly.