The Construction Industry Council (CIC) has published its Building Information Model (BIM) Protocol. This is available to download here.

The Protocol is said to identify the Models which require to be produced by members of the project team and to put in place specific obligations, liabilities and limitations on use of the models. It is intended to be appended to the contracts of all project team members to ensure all parties producing models adopt common standards or ways of working.

The Protocol is accompanied by two appendices.

Appendix 1 includes a Specimen Model Production and Delivery Table. It allocates responsibility for preparation of the models and identifies the Level of Detail (LOD) to be provided in the models at each project stage or data drop. It adopts the PAS 1192-2 definitions for LOD.

Appendix 2 contains the Information Requirements. These include provisions for who will be the Information Manager, software requirements, what models are to be produced and who is to do this.

The new role of Information Manager (IM) is introduced and there is a requirement on the Employer to appoint the IM. It is envisaged this role will be fulfilled by either the lead designer or the contractor at different stages of the contract or indeed by a stand-alone person. The IM has no design related duties. Clash detection and model co-ordination remain the responsibility of the lead designer. An Outline Scope of Services has been produced. This is for use where the role of IM is delivered as part of an existing appointment with these additional obligations being added. It is available to view here. A detailed version compatible with the CIC scope of services is to follow.

CIC has also produced a Best Practice Guide for PI Insurance when using BIM. It has been prepared in consultation with the PI insurance market.

These new documents are a welcome addition to the BIM literature available. They represent a real step forward in terms of the proposed contractual context of BIM. The next step required, where the Protocol is to be adopted, is to amend standard form contracts and appointments so that the contractual arrangements within them dovetail with the Protocol requirements.