I am a huge advocate of data and its power to drive better decisions in the construction industry. I believe data and diligence drive insight, which ultimately leads to better outcomes. This is why we created Diligence by Helix.

In a recent article titled Data, information and insight to cut through the ‘spin’ – Probuild Collapse, I state:

“Recently, I have reflected on the performance of Shane Warne as a cricketing great and the performance of Probuild as one of Australia’s largest builders.

What I quickly became aware of was the enormous, easily accessible and relevant insight people had on Warnie’s career before he died. Unfortunately, I found the exact opposite situation concerning the Probuild collapse, specifically before they went into Voluntary Administration.”

In this article, rather than outline what I perceive to be Probuild’s failure in this regard, I will focus on the basic data, information, and insight I believe large construction companies should make easily available for clients, subcontractors, suppliers, and consultants to assess their performance. This publicly available data I would like to see made available falls outside my experience working for the Qld industry regulator for 22 years and 5 years with Helix.

I am not saying ‘throw out all the glossy and glitzy things’. Rather, I want them to think about ‘what else’. What more important things need to be said? I am interested in learning about their sustainability, real and demonstrated commitment to cultural changes, and how they address social issues.

I have contended in a previous article that Construction industry parties must be more woke in 2021.

Woke implies an awakening to social issues.

Data, information and insight more companies need

On my wish list, I would like to see free data, information, and insight provided on these large construction companies websites, such as:

Deciding who to do business with is a difficult decision. The mindset in the early days of my career of “because that is how we have always done it and that is who we have always used” are over. Transparency over my 12 point wish list is a good place to start in my opinion.

Decision making is informed by cold hard facts and data. If an industry party needs more comprehensive data, information, and insight on the operations of a large construction company or any party they are considering doing business with, Helix has the products and services for this purpose.

Diligence by Helix

We have put all of our thought and effort into making a tool for the construction industry that makes it easy and affordable to make smarter contracting decisions.

Diligence by Helix empowers better contracting decisions for anyone in the building game; bringing together multiple industry-specific due diligence searches into one streamlined and powerful tool.

That’s what makes Diligence a win-win-win. It gives you the information you need to move ahead with confidence, while reducing project admin and controlling costs.

We want to see parties make perceptive decisions on who they should contract with based on our analysis of data, our experience, and our expertise.