The other week, an unfair labor practice proceeding began regarding whether McDonald’s as a corporation can be responsible for the alleged unfair labor practices committed by its franchisees. The General Counsel of the National Labor Relations Board has alleged that McDonald’s Corporation, the parent corporation, should be liable for the violations under labor law that its franchisees commit. From a legal standpoint, the General Counsel views McDonald’s Corporation as a joint-employer because, according to the allegations of the General Counsel, McDonald’s substantially controls the rules by which the cooks and cashiers work in the franchised locations. This came to litigation because many of the cooks, cashiers and other workers in McDonald’s across the country were protesting against working conditions and allegedly were disciplined by various franchisees. Therefore, the Labor Board is contending that not only are the violations committed by the individual franchisees attributed to such franchisees, but also to McDonald’s, the parent company McDonald’s itself.