In the year two thousand and nineteen by means of Executive Agreement No.STSS-0062019 the new minimum wage was approved, which entered into force on January 1 of the year two thousand and twenty.

For the approval of the new salary, the consumer price index was taken into account, which at the end of 2018 was 4.22 percent, according to figures from the Central Bank of Honduras.

The range of the approved minimum wage is as follows: the minimum wage ranges between Six Thousand Seven Hundred Sixty Two Lempiras monthly (approximately US $ 274.62) and Twelve Thousand Three Hundred Fifty-Seven Lempiras monthly (approximately US $ 502.03) according to the activity of the company and the size of the companies by number of workers.

By 2020, the minimum wage carries the following increases:

  • From 1 to 10 employees: 5%.
  • From 11 to 50 employees: 5%
  • From 51 to 150 employees: 6.75%.
  • From 151 employees onwards: 7%.

The increases are based on the economic activity of each company.

As an example, we mention some of the sectors and their corresponding established ranges:

**Range according to company size by number of workers (1-10 employees) and 151 employees onwards.

**Being excluded from this Agreement the workers of the Textile Sector and other Free Zone Companies.

The behavior of the country's labor and economic market created the need for the productive sectors and government authorities to establish a moderate adjustment to the minimum wage that is in force in the country. The new minimum wage table prioritizes that the readjustment responds to the economic reality faced by honduran society, in order to enhance competitiveness, as a key factor to achieve better levels of economic growth and a sustainable increase in formal employment.

The restructuring of the minimum wage was carried out between the Ministry of Labor and Social Security on behalf of the Government of the Republic, the workers were represented through the three workers' central offices in the country and the employers of the companies were under the free zone regime. Being excluded from this Tripartite Agreement the workers of the Textile Sector and other Free Zone Companies.