It has just come to my attention that employees are not always 100% truthful at job interviews.

Apparently a huge percentage of people lie in job interviews, according to a recent poll by recruitment website

The poll revealed that 92% of respondents have lied in a previous job interview. The poll also shows up the top ten most common lies told throughout interviews as follows (the percentage being the percentage of respondents who had told that particular lie):

  1. Salary of previous job - 67%
  2. Grades or qualifications - 61%
  3. Years of relevant experience - 58%
  4. Reason for leaving previous roles - 54%
  5. Commitment to career - 52%
  6. Hobbies and interests - 49%
  7. General skills - 44%
  8. Responsibilities in previous jobs - 38%
  9. Job titles in previous roles - 36%
  10. Marital status - 32%

Interestingly, the most common lie people tell in interviews, according to this poll, relates to previous salary. Presumably people falsely inflate their last salary as an incentive to the prospective employer to offer more.

Lying in an interview is not a good idea from an employee's perspective and could well result in them being sacked or any offer of employment withdrawn. Employers should ensure that appropriate background checks are carried out including obtaining verification of qualifications. It is also worth considering whether checks should be carried out with previous employers other than just those provided as referees by the candidate albeit the candidate's consent will be required.