Code42’s recent 2018 Data Exposure Report, which featured responses from nearly 1,700 security, IT, and business leaders from the U.S., UK, and Germany, concluded, among other things, that “[w]hile companies know that prevention-only strategies don’t work anymore, most haven’t yet evolved to meet the new challenge.”

The Report found that the threat of a data breach is significant; 61% of the CISOs and 53% of CEOs who responded said their companies have suffered from a data breach in the last 18 months. Additionally, 64% of CISOs and 56% of CEOs believed their company will experience a breach in the next 12 months that will go public.

While 84% of CEOs indicated that the seconds and minutes it takes to contain a breach may cost their companies money, 33% of security and IT respondents and 30% of business leaders said it would take up to one week to enact a business continuity plan to respond to a breach. 80% of CEOs and 72% of CISOs acknowledged that their companies need to improve their ability to recover from a breach. Moreover, 75% of CISOs and 74% of CEOs indicated their security strategies need to incorporate recovery-driven security, rather than just focus on prevention.

TIP: While companies should develop protocols and policies to help prevent a breach, they should assume a breach may occur and be well-prepared—before any breach—to quickly and sufficiently respond.