On the 21 June, 2013, the Central Bank published the latest data on mortgage arrears, repossessions and restructures for the period ending March 2013. The key points are as follows:

  • there were 95,554 (12.3%) private residential mortgage accounts for principal dwelling houses (PDH), in arrears of over 90 days at end March 2013, up from 92,349 accounts (11.9%) at end December 2012);
  • the number of PDH accounts in longer- term arrears over 180 days increased by 4.8% in Q1 relative to Q4, while quarter-on-quarter growth in the number of accounts and arrears over 720 days was 12%;
  • the number of PDH accounts in early arrears fell marginally during the first quarter of the year. The figures show that 46,564 PDH accounts were in arrears of less than 90 days at end March, reflecting a quarter-on-quarter decline of 0.7%;
  • there was a total stock of 79,689 PDH Mortgage Accounts classified as restructured at end March. New data collected this quarter indicates that 76% of these are deemed to be meeting the terms of their restructure arrangement;
  • finally there were 29,369 (19.7%) residential mortgage accounts for buy-to-let properties in arrears of over 90 days at end March 2010, up 18.9% at end-December 2012.