The tech company Disconnect, has filed a complaint to the EU antitrust regulators against Google. Disconnect claims that Google is abusing its dominance in the mobile market (as the developer of the Android operating system) and its position, the effect of which is to reduce competition.
The complaint was filed after Google removed Disconnect's security app, which was designed to protect Android users from invisible tracking and malwares served through ads, from the Google Play store. Google explained its actions by claiming the app interferes with the ability of other apps to serve ads to consumers, thereby removing their ability to make money.
Disconnect divides its claim into two parts: first, it claims that Google is obtaining an unfair market advantage by integrating its own privacy solutions into its own operating system. Second, it claims Google uses its market power to discriminate against Disconnect's product by denying its access to the Google Play store.  Accordingly, Disconnect claims that Google gains an unfair advantage by reducing competition, and also prevents consumers from making their own choice as to which privacy solution to use on their device.       
Google is now to be investigated by the EU antitrust regulators and the European Commissioner on whether the filed claims are justified.