One Energy, a Findlay wind energy company, will build five turbines on 70 acres this year to supply power directly to the Ball Corporation and Whirlpool Corporation plants, The Courier reports. One Energy will own and operate the turbines, which will be built east of the Whirlpool plant and north of Ball Corp. According to the article, “Ball will buy all of the energy from three of the turbines, which will supply about 20 percent of its energy needs for 20 years,” while “Whirlpool will buy all the energy from two of the turbines, which will supply about 22 percent of its power needs.” Jereme Kent, general manager of One Energy, said, “We try to make the energy, the cost efficiency that large wind turbines bring, available to large electric consumers. And (we) have skipped the middleman of having to go through the transmission system, by doing it on-site.” Ball Corp. said the wind energy will save them money compared to existing electricity rates, while Whirlpool said the project is an example of how companies “can make a positive impact at the local level, and the global level by minimizing the impact of our operations on the environment.” For more, read the full article